Thursday, June 5, 2014

Borealis Fermentery Raisin Liaison Saison

This 6.0% ABV Belgian-style saison ale is from the Borealis Fermentery of Knife River, Minnesota. It is bottle conditioned and brewed with raisins!

The beer pours a dark apricot in color. There is a half inch of off white head. The aroma is floral and tart, with an underlying light note of dark fruit, ala raisins. The beer drinks floral, yeasty, giving off some estery notes, a bit of banana bread. The tartness of the aroma is mostly gone, and the earthy, fruity sweetness of light raisins runs in a current under the whole of the beer. Raisins? In a liaison in a saison? Whoulda thunk it, but damn if it doesn’t work very well. This is suddenly one of my favorite American saison-style beers.

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