Sunday, April 21, 2019

Madhouse Cherry Berry Bomb

The Madhouse Brewing Company originated in Newton, Iowa, and now have a new location in Des Moines. This is a 7.4% ABV, oak barrel wild yeast fermentation sour beer with cherry, cranberry, raspberry, and vanilla.

The beer pours a salmon pink. There is nearly an inch of pink-white foam that is not long lasting. The aroma is cherry, vanilla, tart, with some berry, just like the label says. The taste follows the aromas, but adds in a very funky note, leather and geraniums, along with some astringent wood. The beer drinks very, very dry with a lingering tartness. There is a strong carbonation of fine bubbles.

Michelob Light

This is the 4.1% ABV light lager offering from the Michelob line of AB-InBev.  Who thinks they should bring back their iconic curvy bottles that they used to have?

The beer pours clear and golden, with a tall head of white foam. The head lasts longer than normal for most adjunct lagers. The aroma is toasted grain, a bit of cooked vegetable, a bit of wet cardboard. The taste is mild and less off than the aromas. The finish is dry, with light bitterness. The beer has a medium body with crisp carbonation.