Saturday, April 15, 2017

Mistress Brewing Jackie Brown

This is a 5.0% ABV English-style brown ale. It is from the Mistress Brewing Company of Ankeny, Iowa. 

The beer pours a medium dark brown, yet clear, with very dark amber. There is a half-inch of tan foam, not long lasting. The aroma is toasted malt, followed by yeast esters, floral, cloves. The taste follows the aromas. There is a note of English-Style brown ale in there, but the rest of the Belgian/contamination notes are not right at all. It finishes oddly spicy, with a touch of soapiness. This is not good. I have tried three Mistress beers, and they better get better fast, or they won't last long. They are not currently good enough to survive in this very competitive, nearly saturated market.

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