Saturday, April 18, 2015

Boulevard Imperial Stout Coffee Ale 2015

This 11.0% ABV stout with coffee is a special limited release from the Smokestack Series of Boulevard Brewing of Kansas City, Missouri. Like their Coffee Ale it uses Ethiopian Sidamo coffee from their neighbors The Roasterie. Unlike their annual Imperial Stout release, this beer is not barrel aged.

The beer pours black as black coffee, well carbonated with small bubbles rolling upwards. There is over an inch of tall, thick and bubbly tan head. The aroma is rich, dark roasted coffee, but the coffee does not overwhelm all else. It blends in nicely with dark roasted malt, chocolate, char, along with light and tangy fruit notes, adding in a bit of vanilla. The taste follows the aromas, great melding of delicious coffee and smooth, dark roasted stout. This is so well done, and its flavor profile begs to be barrel aged. The beer drinks smooth, with fine, tingling carbonation, and a warm, pleasantly boozy finish. This is excellent.

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