Saturday, December 6, 2014

Baltika Praha

This 4.6% ABV lager is from the Baltika Breweries of Saint Petersburg, Russia (home of the great Russian writer Dostoyevsky). Baltika describes it as their Czech-style lager.

The beer pours a clear, pure, golden in color. There is over an inch of white, foamy head, a tad on the fizzy side. It is not particularly long lasting. The aroma is dry, cracked corn, straw, a bit funky, but not skunky, with a note of fruity tartness, like green apples. The taste follows the aromas directly, hitting all the same notes. The beer has a very light, grassy bitterness. It drinks crisp, carbonated and refreshing. A good solid adjunct-type lager, doesn’t beat a good Czech or German lager, but way better than, say, Budweiser.

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