Sunday, April 19, 2015

Indeed Stir Crazy

This 6.5% ABV winter ale is made with cacao nibs, vanilla, raisins, brown sugar, and other natural flavors. The beer is from the Indeed Brewing Company of Minneapolis, Minnesota. The can let's you know "Mittens Not Included." Every time I think I am fully done with a season's beers, I always end up with one more. It is high time to have all winter ales out of my fridge.

The beer pours black in appearance, just a bit of dark ruby on the edge when held to the light. There is nearly an inch of dark tan head. The aroma is like reading the ingredient list, cacao up front, then vanilla, followed by the sweetness of brown sugar, and then a bit of the dark fruit of raisins. The taste follows the aromas, but they brightly explode, and are far more intense than the aromas. The finish is dry and mildly bitter, with dark roasted malt and cacao lingering on the tongue. The beer drinks easy, wishing it had just a bit fuller body to hold up all those flavors.

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