Saturday, November 15, 2014

Dinkelacker Oktoberfest Marzen

Every season of every year, when I think I am done with the latest wave of seasonals, I end up with just one more. I am pretty sure this is my last Oktoberfest for 2014. This is a 5.7% ABV offering from the Dinkelacker-Schwaben Brau (website not in English, but Google will usually offer to translate it) brewery of Stuttgart, Germany. It is imported by S&H. They didn't forget to put the big bosomed Oktoberfest server in traditional dress on their bottle.

The beer pours a deep dark amber and copper, light to medium brown. There is nearly an inch of off-white foamy head that leaves some rings of lacing. The aroma is malty, caramel, a touch nutty, with a light fruitiness. The taste follows directly upon the aromas, hitting all the same notes. The finish has a light, crisp bitterness and is somewhat dry, putting an end to the malty sweetness for a moment, although it lingers on the tongue in the aftertaste. It is very crisp and refreshing. I tried several very decent Oktoberfests this year, but did not find any that really blew me away. It is a style mostly meant to be very drinkable, but usually each year I find one that combines the nutty, caramel maltiness and the grassy, dry finish so well that it is eye opening. Well, hopefully next year. 

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