Monday, August 6, 2012

Lakemaid Beer

Lakemaid Beer is from the August Schell Brewing Company of New Ulm, Minnesota (2014 - the bottle says brewed and bottled in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, so maybe Rapala switched the contract to Stevens Point brewing).  It is also sponsored by Rapala, makers of fishing lures, and part of the profits benefit the International Game Fish Association.  The bottles feature Lakemaids, the lake equivalent of mermaids, each one fashioned after a fresh water game fish.  My twelve pack had eight of the twelve Lakemaids.  Under each cap, you can see what fish you caught.  I randomly selected Miss Strugeon, and under the cap found I had caught a four pound walleye.

The beer pours a light yellow golden in color.  There is an inch of white foamy head.  The aroma is grassy, bitter, slightly floral hops, over golden grain, with a light touch of lager funkiness.  The taste is golden grain, lightly toasted, with the same grassy, bitter, floral hops as the aroma.  The finish is crisp, refreshing and moderately bitter.  While based on the presentation, you might call this a "gimmick" beer (and a great gimmick at that), don't be fooled into thinking the flavor is lacking.  This is a really nice regional American lager, the kind that Schell's is so good at making.  Whether you are going fishing or not, definitely pick this one up. (2014 - It is a little more on the malty side and a little less on the grassy side with the change in brewery, I preferred the Schell's version.)

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