Saturday, November 19, 2011

Copper Bell Lager - Copper Bell Light

These beers are store brands for Whole Foods and are brewed by Brewmaster's Choice of Rochester, New York (contract brewed by Genesee).

Lager - This 4.5% ABV beer pours a very clear yellow golden in color.  There is a half-inch of white head.  The aroma is grain, sourdough bread and light apple.  The taste follows the aroma directly.  The aftertaste is true to the original flavor.  The beer is well-carbonated, but has a creamy malt sensation on the finish as well.  Not great, but not bad for what it is.

Light- This 3.9% ABV beer pours a pale, yellow golden in color.  There is an inch of pure white fizzy foam that leaves layers of medium density lacing down the glass.  The aroma is somewhat grassy and herbal, a bit of straw.  The taste is fairly mild, grain with some fruit and spice.  It drinks like a lightly flavored apple-cinnamon scone.  There is a malty creaminess on the finish that is nice.  It actually has a pretty good aftertaste.  Not a great light beer, but not bad for a store brand.

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