Saturday, July 8, 2017

Samuel Adams Light

The US Men's National soccer team played today, and my son wanted me to have a beer that was red, white, and blue, and he pointed this bottle out, so I picked it up. It is the 4.3% ABV "light" beer offering from Samuel Adams. The Samuel Adams line of beers are from the Boston Brewing Company of Boston, Massachusetts.  They are one of the grand daddies of the craft brewing movement and now also brew out of Cincinnati, Ohio and Breinigsville, Pennsylvania.

The beer pours a crystal clear light amber and copper. There is a half inch of white to off-white foam that fizzes off relatively quickly. The aroma is toasted malt, a touch of toffee and sweet potato. The taste follows the aromas, a nice toasted maltiness, with a light touch of fruit. There is a mostly dry finish that has a light to moderate grassy bitterness. The beer drinks very easy with a refreshingly stinging, but not overdone, carbonation.  

I had not had this for quite some time, here is what I thought back in 2011:  This beer pours light brown-copper-amber in color with a half inch of just off-white head.  The aroma is slightly sweet caramel malt with a tart, grassy, and somewhat fruity aromatic note.  The taste is smooth but crisp, both slightly sweet and slightly tart at the same time, caramel with a dash of fruity balsamic vinegar.  This is like a light version of a beer I remember from Scotland called Tartan Special.  This is an interesting beer, and one of the more flavorful lights you will find.

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