Sunday, July 16, 2017

Modelo Chelada Tamarindo Picante

Modelo Especial has been brewed since 1925 by the Cerveceria Modelo in Mexico City, Mexico. This is a variation on their canned version of a Mexican tomato beer, or chelada, which mixes beer, tomato juice, lime, and salt. This variation adds in tamarind and chipotle chiles. 

The beer pours the color of tomato juice, carbonated, with an inch of head that fizzes away quickly. The aroma is tart and fruity, with spiced tomato juice beneath. The taste follows the aromas, and hits all the notes of the ingredient list, tasting of tamarind, lime, tomato, hot peppers and salt. The beer does not come through the other flavors, but you can tell a light lager is the base. This is refreshing, Modelo makes good canned cheladas, and this one adds in the tart fruitiness of tamarind, along with some nice heat.  

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