Saturday, January 24, 2015

Modelo Chelada

Modelo Especial has been brewed since 1925 by the Cerveceria Modelo in Mexico City, Mexico. This is their canned version of a Mexican tomato beer, or chelada, mixing beer, tomato juice, lime, and salt. It comes only in a 24 oz. can and is 3.5% ABV.

The beer pours a reddish brown, kind of like the color of a vampire’s glass of blood in a cheap, bad vampire movie. There is essentially no head, what little there is fizzles quickly away. The aroma is tangy, tangy tomato and tangy lime, you can even smell the mineral tang of the salt. The taste follows the aromas exactly, pretty darn tangy, but in fairly nice proportion. It drinks carbonated and refreshing. This is probably about as good of a version of this type of drink as you will get canned, but nothing compares to making your own by mixing your own tomato juice, salt and fresh lime. This would be great with a wide variety of foods.

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