Saturday, April 2, 2016

Summit Unchained Batch 21 Us & Them

The Summit Brewing Company is in St. Paul, Minnesota and has been making craft beer since 1986.  This is part of their Unchained Series of limited release special batch beers. Number  21 is actually two beers, deconstructions that use the same ingredients as Summit's Saga IPA to make an American IPA (1st Thread) and a Session IPA (2nd Thread). It comes in a six pack with three of each version.

1st Thread: The beer pours deep golden and orange. There is an inch of thick, white, foamy head. The aroma is passion fruit, citrus, guava, with a very light musky note. The taste is strong, sweet, very ripe guava and passion fruit. The finish is dry, and fairly bitter. The beer drinks smooth and round with a tingling of carbonation. I like Saga better than this.

2nd Thread: The beer pours a deep golden with a tint of orange. There is a tall, thick, foamy head of white. The aroma is tropical, lots of mango, light pineapple, with a very light dank note. The taste is light, but follows the aromas, tropical and dank, over toasted malt, with a dry and moderately bitter finish. The beer drinks smooth, with a soft, yet, intense carbonation. This drinks tasty and very refreshing. I like this much better than the 1st thread.

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