Saturday, March 26, 2016

New Belgium Glutiny Pale Ale

This 6.0% ABV pale ale is from New Belgium Brewing of Fort Collins, Colorado. It is part of their new Glutiny line of low gluten beers. Gluten free beers used to use substitutes for the gluten containing grain. The new trend appears to be gluten "reduced" beers that use gluten containing grain and then use a method to remove as much of the gluten as possible. There is also a golden ale in the line. 

The beer pours an orange-tinted honey golden in color. There is a short head of white foam the leaves torn curtains of lace down the glass. The aroma is citrus and passion fruit. The taste is the same citrus and passion fruit atop toasted malt with light caramel. The beer drinks very easy, with a soft, yet crisp, carbonation.  

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