Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Sour Note Wood Series Flanders Style Red Ale

The Sour Note Brewing is out of Gary, Indiana and currently brews and bottles their beers in the space of the 18th Street Brewery in Gary. This takes their eponymous Flanders Style Red Ale and ages it in oak red wine barrels.

The beer pours a lightly hazed brown and ruby. There is a short, but thick head of tan foam. The aroma is tart and vinous, but also rich, with caramel and dark fruits, along with oaky wood notes. The red wine is apparent in the aroma. The taste follows the aromas, with the tartness turned up and shining bright. After the tartness comes a wave of toasted caramel, then red wine along with dark fruit tones, followed by an astringent, woody dryness. This beer is both tart and rich. The beer drinks smooth and vinous, with a very light carbonation. This is one very well done sour.

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