Saturday, February 6, 2016

Greenbush Cabra Perdida

This is an 11.2% ABV imperial cream stout brewed with blueberries. It is from the Greenbush Brewing Company of Sawyer, Michigan. The name translates to "lost goat."

The beer pours deep black in appearance. There is a short head of tan foam. The aroma is sweet, dark roasted, chocolatey, hazelnut, with a light note of dark fruitiness. The taste follows the aromas, hitting the same notes, but even deeper and richer. The dark roastiness turns to pleasant char. Despite the sweet notes, the finish is dry, with a moderate bitterness. The beer drinks round and smooth, with a light and subtle carbonation. I wondered how the blueberry would work in this, but it is subtle and blends in well with the other stout flavors.  

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