Sunday, February 14, 2016

Backpocket Thorogood

This is a 8.0% ABV Wee Heavy strong Scotch ale that is aged in bourbon barrels; hence its name "Thorogood" referencing the George Thorogood song One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer. It comes from the Backpocket Brewing Company of Coralville, Iowa.  This "Corridor Collaboration" is part of their Lab Series, where they get a little more adventurous and try out some new styles. 

The beer pours a very deep, dark, brown and ruby in color. There is a short, thin, and short-lived head of off-white to light tan foam. The aroma is very smokey, toasted and roasted malt, with a tangy dark fruit. The taste follows the aromas, lots of tangy dark fruit and smoke. Cherries come to the fore in the dark fruit as the beer warms. The problem is, there is very little else going on here, the barrel seemed to add no complexity or flavors, or, if it did, it is all knocked out by the smoke. This would be better if they took a traditional strong Scottish ale and aged it in bourbon barrels. This is really much more of a smoked beer than anything else.  

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