Thursday, November 26, 2015

Three Floyds Deesko!

The Three Floyds Brewing Company is in Munster, Indiana. This is their 6.5% ABV take on the tart Berliner Weisse style. Yes, that is some Euro "Sprockets" type dude driving a WWI German tank on the label.

The beer pours a very lightly hazed golden yellow in color. There is a short and thin head of white foam. The aroma is tart, woody, with a vinous fruitiness like green white wine. The taste is tart and fruity, with a light earthy, woodiness. The tartness here is wonderful, it is a flavorful tartness that does not overwhelm the palate. The beer drinks smooth, with very light carbonation, perfect for sipping. This is one of the most drinkable and enjoyable sour beers I have tried; highly recommended.

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