Friday, November 20, 2015

Root Sellers' Row Hard Root Beer

This 6.7% ABV hard root beer is from Root Sellers' Formidable Fermentables from Memphis, Tennessee (according to the can, although they appear to hail from Columbia, Missouri by their website). 

The beer pours a very dark brown and dark ruby, nearing black. There is a fizzy head of tan that fizzles away very quickly. The aroma is mostly root beer, a bit boozy, with a tang like very cheap lager. The taste follows the aromas, root beer and horrible, tangy cheap, cheap lager. It is overly sweet and vomit like. It is fizzy like pop and syrupy all at once. This is atrocious, and a drain pour. I'm off to the kitchen sink. I am so glad I found a single of this and did not get a six pack.

I'm done trying these hard root beers, but Not Your Father's is easily the best of the three I tried.

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