Thursday, November 26, 2015

Jackie O's Razz Wheat

This 5.5% ABV wheat ale fermented with all natural raspberry puree is from Jackie O's Pub & Brewery in Athens, Ohio.

The beer pours dark orange and light amber, with a touch of haze. There is a short and short-lived white head. The aroma is like smelling a tray of fresh raspberries, with a bit of toasted wheat beneath. The taste is a mixture of the aromas, with the toasted wheat more to the front, but battling with the raspberries. The raspberry is a bit less fresh in the taste than in the aroma, but it perks back up in the aftertaste. The beer finishes dry with a mild bitterness. I am conflicted on raspberries. I love fresh raspberries, I hate anything that is only raspberry flavored. That leaves me conflicted on this beer, love the aroma, don't like the taste much, do like the aftertaste.

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