Friday, October 2, 2015

Baltika Brew Collection: Russian Imperial Stout

This 10.0% ABV beer is from the Baltika Breweries of Saint Petersburg, Russia (home of the great Russian writer Dostoyevsky). It is part of their Baltika Brew Collection.

The beer pours black in appearance with a tall, thickly foamy head of light tan. The aroma is sweet, dark roasted, mocha, and chocolate. The taste follows the aromas to an extent, with sweetness, and light mocha and chocolate, but it takes off with a much more intense dark roasted malt, adding in char, with a bit of mineral tang. The beer drinks very smooth, with a medium bitterness on the finish that slowly builds over time. Despite its sweetness it is mostly dry on the end. The beer is warming, but incorporates its high alcohol well.  Baltika is doing a nice job on these “craft” beers, and I would not have thought they would.

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