Sunday, June 14, 2015

Bent Paddle Harness the Winter IPA

This 7.2% ABV India Pale Ale is from the Bent Paddle Brewing Company of Duluth, Minnesota. According to the can its name is inspired by sled dogs.  "The wheel dog is positioned just in front of the sled. A good wheeler is robust and steadfast - much like our Winter IPA."  The beer is brewed with oats and rye in addition to malted barley. As you can tell from its name, I am getting to this one a bit late.

The beer pours a deep amber, into dark chestnut brown, burnt orange, and garnet. There is a tall, thick, foamy, head of light tan, that leaves ragged and sticky lacing down the glass. The aroma is dankness and pine, fruits, tropical and dark, sweet, yet tangy, along with toasted caramel malt, I’m getting to this beer a bit late, but I can tell by the aroma that it is still going to be quite good. The taste follows the aromas, hitting all the notes of malts and hops, drinking smooth and rich, with a fairly bitter finish. The beer is refreshing and elegantly smooth. Oh my god this is good, I hope that next winter I can get some right when it comes out.

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