Saturday, April 11, 2015

KCCO Gold Lager

This is a collaboration between Resignation Brewery (recipe) and Redhook of Portland, Oregon (brewed and bottled). It is a 5.0% ABV lager with 16 IBU's. "KCCO" stands for "Keep Calm, Chive On." I guess I'm old, I don't profess to get it, but it has to do with The Chive website. There is also a Black Lager in this line of beers.

The beer pours honey golden in color. There is about an inch of white foamed head. The aroma is sweet grain, grassy, with a lagerish sulfur quality. The taste follows on the aromas directly, finishing mostly dry, and with a moderate bitterness. The beer drinks easy, touch of smoothness, but also nicely carbonated. This is a solid lager, so keep calm and drink on with this one.

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