Saturday, March 1, 2014

KCCO Black Lager

This is a collaboration between Resignation Brewery (recipe) and Redhook of Portland, Oregon (brewed and bottled). It is a 5.1% ABV black lager with 22 IBU's. "KCCO" stands for "Keep Calm, Chive On." I guess I'm old, I don't profess to get it, but it has to do with The Chive website.

The beer pours mahogany in color. There is about an inch of light tan foam that doesn’t stick around too terribly long. The aroma is malty, semi-sweet, mineral, light dark-roasted malt notes, with char. The taste follows the aromas and makes for a simple, straight forward and tasty black lager. The finish is moderately bitter, medium-bodied, with a subtle, but tingling carbonation. 

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