Saturday, April 4, 2015

Camo Black Extra

This is a high gravity lager beer brewed by Five Star Brewing of LaCrosse, Wisconsin and Latrobe, Pennsylvania (contract brewed by City Brewing). This is a whopping 12.2% ABV high gravity lager. According to the can, it has "imported hops and extra malted barley for an extra smooth taste,"  is "Ultra Premium," and is "naturally brewed longer with the highest quality extra malted barley." Lies, lies, damnable lies!

The beer pours honey golden, tint of orange. There is a relatively short head of white that bubbles down fairly quickly. The aroma is overly sweet grain, cheap candy, with a tart fruitiness (think apples spoiling on the ground). The taste follows the aromas, sweet and sour at the same time, like drinking a thin gruel of grain that has rotting apples and children’s candy mixed into it. It drinks thin, yet syrupy at the same time. It has an absolute burning throat combination of raw industrial alcohol and stinging carbonation. Wow, this is intensely bad. This is epically bad, monstrous, an atrocity!

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