Sunday, January 4, 2015

Bent Brewstillery El Guerrero Chilean Double Stout

This is a 8.3% ABV stout made with honey, coffee and merken Chilean smoked peppers. It is from the Bent Brewstillery of Roseville, Minnesota. 

The beer pours jet black. There is about an inch of thick, creamy, foamy, dark brown head. The aroma is creamy dark chocolate and cocoa, rich coffee, dark roasted malt and char, and lightly spicy. The taste follows the aromas, rich, roasted, chocolatey, charred, coffee, delicious. The beer drinks smooth and round with a soft tingle of carbonation, followed by a soft tingle of hot pepper. The heat is very subtle, but present. This makes a nice stout. I think the label art is great on this one too.

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