Saturday, November 22, 2014

Boulevard Hibiscus Gose

This is a 4.2% ABV gose beer, a German style brewed with coriander and salt. This version adds in hibiscus flowers. It is from the Boulevard Brewing Company of Kansas City, Missouri. It is part of their Backroads series, meant to be off the beaten path brews for both brewer and drinker. I believe it is the second release in the series. 

The beer pours salmon pink in color with a short and thin head of white to off-white. The aroma is tart, sour, tart, with a light fruity, floral note that must be the hibiscus. The taste is tart, but nearly as sour as the aroma indicated it would be. The coriander is lightly noticeable, the hibiscus even less so, with a light mineral saltiness. The beer drinks smooth, soft, round with just a tingle of carbonation. Nice effort, but this one doesn’t really work much for me, although I will say it improves some as you move through it.

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