Tuesday, October 14, 2014

New Holland Monkey King

This is a 5.6% ABV saison farmhouse style ale from the New Holland Brewing Company of Holland, Michigan. It uses Crystal and Magnum hops. 

The beer pours a lightly hazed orange honey golden in color. There is about an inch of white to off-white head, fairly short-lived. The aroma is full of yeasty esters, lots of banana, a touch mediciney. The taste has some tart citrus, lots of yeast esters and bananas, that strange cough-syrup medicine note. The finish is lightly peppery, with an off-putting mix of light sour and bitter. It has a fine, tingling carbonation. This doesn’t work for me at all. It has some of the right elements for a saison, but they're all out of whack in this one to me. 

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