Saturday, September 6, 2014

Ten Ninety Imperial India Pale Ale

This is a big 10.0% ABV Imperial IPA from Ten Ninety Brewing Company of Chicago, Illinois. It is brewed for them by the Big Chicago Brewing Company of Zion, Illinois (an internet search shows that as of this year Ten Ninety now actually owns Big Chicago).

The beer pours copper and amber in color. There is a tall, foamy, thick head of off-white to very light tan. The aroma is malty, caramel, with tangy fruit, citrus, orange and lemon-lime. The taste follows the aromas, hitting first with loads of caramel malt, then adding on the fruity tang, adding a touch of passion fruit. It drinks round and smooth, with a tingling carbonation. The finish is only moderately bitter. It hides its high ABV quite well.. It has some nice parts, but its overall effect is “meh” (shrugs shoulders). I don't know if this is how this beer always is, or if I got an older bottle.  I think every IPA should have a date on it.

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