Sunday, August 17, 2014

Mad River John Barleycorn Barleywine Ale

The Mad River Brewing Company is in Blue Lake, California. This is the 2012 vintage of their barleywine, coming in at 11.1% ABV. It takes its name from an old British folksong that personifies the barley crop.

The beer pours a very dark brown, ruby and garnet. There is a very short head of off-white to very light tan head. There is very little carbonation. The aroma is molasses, sherry, caramel, dark stone fruits, light booziness. The taste follows the aromas, there are dark roasted malts, nutty, nearing mocha, a zone of sweetness, caramel and other sugars, nearly saccharine sweet, but just enough fruitiness and a light bitterness, along with the roasted flavors, bring it back from the precipice. It’s main drawback is its mouthfeel, it is both full, yet watery at the same time. The watery note meets the sweetness in a bad place and puts the one negative to this beer. It does not drink boozy, but a very strong alcohol warmth builds at the back of the mouth, in the throat, and down the gullet. Overall a very nice barleywine, and one that would be interesting barrel aged.  Have they ever done that to this beer? (some internet checking indicates that they have)

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