Sunday, May 18, 2014

West O Smoked Red Ale

This 6.5% ABV beer uses malts roasted over an open flame and is from the West O Beer Company of West Okoboji, Iowa. They invest part of their sales in the preservation and improvement of the Iowa Great Lakes Region.

The beer pours a dark amber and copper in color, dark brown and burnt orange, burnt umber, nearing ruby and garnet. There is a very short head of light tan foam. The aroma is deeply malty, cooked sweet potato, dark cherries, touch of herbal and peat. The taste follows the aromas, even more malty, deep and rich, roasted, tangy, with a touch of peat like smoke on the finish, very subtle. The finish is dry, somewhat woody. The beer is medium bodied, with a nice, soft carbonation. This is not a “smoke” beer, much to my great relief, as I have never found one that was anything but too smoky for me.

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