Friday, May 16, 2014

Upland CV (Champagne Velvet) Pre-Prohibition Pilsener

The Upland Brewing Company is in Bloomington, Indiana. This beer was brewed to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the brewery. It is a pre-prohibition style pilsener. The bottles says it is "the beer with the million dollar flavor." Anyone know what that is supposed to reference? The bottle says it nowhere, but every website calls this "Champagne Velvet" and not just CV.

The beer pours a very pale yellow and golden. There is a tall head of fizzy white foam. The aroma is malted golden grain and a touch of floral and fruity yeast, a bit grassy. The taste follows the aromas quite directly, pleasant malty grain followed by the yeast tones, with a fairly bitter and grassy, dry finish. It is easy to drink and refreshingly carbonated. 

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