Monday, May 5, 2014

Modelo Especial

Modelo Especial has been brewed since 1925 by the Cerveceria Modelo in Mexico City, Mexico. It's Cinco de Mayo, so thought I would post a Mexican beer on here. I used to drink this often in the past, but have not had it in quite some time.

The beer pours a crystal clear deep golden yellow in color. It is fizzy, no other way to describe it, and its white head just bubbles away quickly. The aroma is skunked, but lagery, not unpleasant. The taste is semi-sweet corn, light, with a very light grassy finish, just detectable bitterness, and a touch of straw and skunk. The mouth is light, nearly watery, with tingling bubbles, most of the carbonation having rapidly bubbled away. Better straight from the bottle than poured in a glass.

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