Saturday, May 10, 2014

Bent Brewstillery Nordic Blonde

This 5.7% ABV beer is described as an amber blonde ale. It is from the Bent Brewstillery of Roseville, Minnesota. 

The beer pours a light amber and copper in color. There is about an inch of off-white head, just a bit thick and foamy. The aroma is malty, roasted and toasted, a touch nutty, a bit of caramel, with a light grassy bitterness and a light fruity and yeasty tang. The taste hits all the same notes as the aromas, adding in even more on the nuttiness and caramel. There are lots of nice malty notes, but it never becomes sweet, there is always enough grassiness to keep it dry, but not really bitter. It is medium-bodied, carbonated, but not overly so, drinks very refreshing. By god, this is good.

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