Saturday, April 19, 2014

Ballast Point "Yellowtail" Pale Ale

This 5.2% ABV beer is from the Ballast Point Brewing Company of San Diego, California. The bottle calls it both a pale ale and a kolsch-style ale. If it is a kolsch, then pale would refer only to its color, if it is the style pale ale, then it wouldn't be a kolsch. Confused? Me too. Let's see what the beer tells us.

The beer pours golden yellow in color. There is over an inch of thick, white, fluffy head. The aroma is lightly fruity, stone fruits, over golden grain, with a touch of barnyard straw. The taste follows the aromas, but more mellow, more grain, with a grassiness on the finish that is just lightly bitter. It has a light, smooth, and softly carbonated mouth feel. Nothing wrong with it, but it doesn’t inspire me in any way either, but definitely a kolsch-style and not a true "pale ale."

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