Saturday, March 9, 2013

Mahr's Saphir Weiss

This 5.6% ABV "extra hoppy amber weiss" is from  Mahr's Brau of Bamberg, Germany (the website just links to their Facebook page). The beer uses the hot new variety of Hallertauer hops, Saphir, which is German for Sapphire. I think in an attempt to keep up with the hop obsessed American craft beer scene, many German brewers are now coming out with beers that spotlight a hop, commonly the Saphir.

The beer pours a dark and deep amber in color. It isn't just cloudy, it has bits of sediment in it. There is a large head of bubbly off-white foam that dissipates rapidly. The aroma is malty, tangy, fruity, grapes, with some yeast esters, but light on the yeast notes for the style. The taste is malty, caramel malt, grapes and plums, almost vinous, with a tangy, yeasty finish. It is well carbonated and tingles the mouth. This is a solid amber weiss, light on the yeast for the style, with a fruity tang added by the Saphir hops.

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