Saturday, January 19, 2013

Beck's Sapphire

This 6.0% ABV beer is from Beck's (their website seems to be trying oh so hard to be hip, and appears to have exactly zero information about their beer). Beck's used to be brewed in Germany, but now, as part of In-Bev, it is brewed in the U.S. I seem to see a trend of Big Boy beers boosting their alcohol up to 6.0% and adding a hop or two in an effort to stop the cut into their products from craft beers. It says it is made with German Sapphire hops. Do they mean Saphir hops?

The beer pours a dark golden yellow in color. There is a tall head of pure white foam that disappears rapidly. The aroma is corn and cooked vegetables. It does not smell like old school Beck's, it smells like a Budweiser product. The taste is corn, cooked vegetables, and just a touch of floral, grassiness. There is a tiny hint of lemon, and no real bitterness to speak of. This is slightly jacked up Budweiser trying to play off an old German name. Sad. (It is better than the new Black Crown, however.)

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