Saturday, December 1, 2012

Third Street Brewhouse Lost Trout Brown Ale

Third Street Brewhouse is the new craft beer offshoot of the Cold Spring Brewery of Cold Spring, Minnesota. This 4.9% ABV beer features a fish on a milk carton (get it, Lost Trout?). The beer pours a very dark brown, deep mahogany in color. There is a half-inch creamy light brown head. The aroma is nutty roasted malt with a light tang, much like a Scottish 80 shilling ale. The taste is roasted and toasted nutty malt, followed by the same tang as the aroma, with a well-balanced moderate bitterness that give s a dry finish. The aftertaste is lingering dark roasted and nutty malt. It has enough carbonation to tingle gently on the tongue. This is a tasty and very drinkable brown ale. Perfect as a session ale!

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