Friday, December 14, 2012

New Glarus Wisconsin Belgian Red

This is a kriek-style ale brewed with Wisconsin Door County cherries and then aged in oak. It is from the New Glarus Brewing Company of New Glarus, Wisconsin. They are distributed only in Wisconsin. The beer pours a dark salmon, medium brown with pink tints. There is a short head, light brown, tinged with the color of the beer. It is well carbonated. The aroma is earthy and woody cherries, cherries and more cherries, neither too sweet, nor too tart. The taste follows the aromas directly, massive fruity cherry, semi-sweet, but with a cherry tang, and an earthy and woody dryness. It has fine and tingling carbonation. The aftertaste is just the flavor repeated and lingering in the mouth. Do you like Belgian krieks? Then try this, it is absolutely delicious, and truly world class.

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