Thursday, December 20, 2012

Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Stout 2010

The Goose Island Brewery is in Chicago, Illinois. I tried the 2010 that year and my notes on that are below. According to the bottle it continues to develop for up to five years. I had heard it might be best after about two years, so I am trying my second bottle that has been in the basement for just over two years.

2010: This is their annual stout that is aged in bourbon barrels.  It is a big 13% ABV.  The beer pours densely black, slightly viscous, with fine sparkling carbonation that is fairly light, but long lasting and leaves a short lived dark brown head.  The aroma is thick, intense and massive with a strong bourbon and vanilla, wood and sweetness.  The taste is dark, burnt caramel, coffee, bourbon.  It is sweet yet also tart and bitter on the finish.  This is a monster.

This beer stands up to aging, so I plan to try my other bottle in a couple of years and compare it to this one.  See ya then.

Well, then is now, so let's see how this is now, 2010 in 2012: The beer pours blacker than coal. There is almost no head, what is there is light brown, dark cappuccino. The aroma is thick and sticky sweet, lots of bourbon, charred, vanilla, burnt sugar, lots of alcohol. The taste is deep, thick, dark rich mocha, dark cocoa, burnt caramel, bourbon, coffee, like some kind of alcoholic bourbon mocha coffee cocktail. There is some fine and tingly carbonation, but mostly creamy and smooth. This is almost like a liqueur. Overall, I would say it is better with some age.

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