Saturday, October 27, 2012

Southern Tier Imperial Pumking

This 8.6% ABV ale brewed with pumpkins is from the Southern Tier Brewing Company of Lakewood, New York. According to the bottle this beer is an ode to Puca, a creature of Celtic folklore who would waylay nighttime travelers by tossing them on its back and giving them the ride of their lives.

The beer pours a glowing coppery orange in color. There is a tall half-inch of thick and somewhat creamy foam that is off-white in color. The aroma is massive, enthralling, malty, pumpkin, spices, floury, slightly sweet, creamy, richly dessert-like. The taste matches the aromas, tons of pumpkin and malt and spices, creamy. This is like drinking a rich, creamy, pumpkin and chai tea, except cold and held down by malty ale. This blows every pumpkin beer I have ever had straight out of the water. I doubt any other pumpkin beer of the season will top this. If you are going to try only one pumpkin beer, make it this Pumking. Wow.

If you like this, make sure to try their Imperial Stout with pumpkin called Warlock.

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