Saturday, June 9, 2012

St. Sebastiaan Dark

St. Sebastiaan beers are from the Brouwerij Sterkens in Meer, Belgium.  This beer is 6.9% ABV.

The brewery:

The importer:

This is described as a dark top-fermented abbey ale brewed according to the purity law of 1516 (only allowing barley, hops, water and yeast).  The beer pours very dark brown to black in appearance.  If held to the light there is dark brown, ruby and garnet tints.  There is a large foamy head that is light brown in color. The aroma is clean and bright and lemony, with a fruity yeastiness.  Underneath the fruitiness are some dark caramels and earthy notes.  The taste is also clean and bright, exceptionally so for this style.  It is roasted malt, a touch of dark caramel, a light touch of prune, along with the lemony fruitiness of the aroma.  The finish is relatively dry, with a nice subtle bitterness, and a touch of earthy woodiness.  The mouthfeel is an elegant fizz of fine champagne-like carbonation.  This is an extremely enjoyable beer.

The earthenware like bottle with swing top would be nice both for bottle collectors and home brewers who could reuse the bottle.

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