Friday, June 8, 2012

Great River Farmer Brown Ale

The Great River Brewery is in Davenport, Iowa (along the great Mississippi River) and has a solid line-up of brews.

This 7.0% ABV beer pours a very dark brown, appearing essentially black.  There is a rapidly dissipating head of light brown foam.  There is ample, fine carbonation on the glass.   The aroma is deep, rich, dark roasted malt, nutty, hazelnut, dark chocolate, and some coffee.  The taste follows the aromas directly, very nutty, very rich, lots of dark roasted malt, with chocolate and coffee.  It is rich and creamy without being sweet. The finish is dry and moderately bitter.  This is a big brown ale, more full-flavored than many porters.  For its big flavor and high alcohol, it doesn't suffer from being too sweet.  Very nice.

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