Friday, June 29, 2012

Clown Shoes Supa Hero

Clown Shoes Beer comes from the Mercury Brewing Company of Ipswich, Massachusetts.

This India Pale Ale is 8.0% ABV.  According to the bottle:  "Short Pours?  Drinking Geuze through straws?  Dusty bottles growing old in liquor stores?  Bwahahahahahaha!  Meet Boston's own Supa Hero, Captain M., The Protecta of the Bee-ah!  This India Pale Ale will be made with the freshest, dankest, most wicked ahhh-some hops available at brew time."

The beer pours a somewhat hazy orange amber in color.  There is a half-inch of creamy off-white foam.  The aroma is orange and malty.  There is not a lot going on in the aroma area.  The taste is heavy on orange fruit, mandarin, lots of malt, some caramel, tea with cream, and, as the label indicated, a dank hop element.  The finish is very bitter and astringently dry.

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