Saturday, May 26, 2012

Uinta Brewing Crooked Line 19th Birthday Suit Sour Cherry Ale

Uinta Brewing is from Salt Lake City, Utah. This beer was brewed to mark the brewery's 19th birthday. It is a sour cherry ale. "Earth, Wind, Beer"

The beer is 5.7% ABV and pours a reddish-pink salmon in color with a short head of off-white/pinkish head.  It is finely carbonated like champagne. The aroma is tart and fruity, vinous, like a rose champagne. The taste follows the aroma, it is tart and fruity, lightly cherry, as much like a very dry rose champagne as a cherry beer. This is a nice, delicate and interesting beer, but if you are expecting a kriek, this is not it.

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