Thursday, April 5, 2012

Odell Brewing Company Footprint Region Ale

The Odell Brewing Company is in Fort Collins, Colorado and is one of the most consistent and best brewers out there.

This 9.5% ABV beer is made with ingredients from the ten key states that make up the distribution "footprint" of Odell beers.  It includes:
Hops and Barley - Colorado
Prickly Pear - Arizona
Barley and Hops - Idaho
Wheat - Kansas
Wild Rice - Minnesota
Oak Barrels - Missouri
Corn - Nebraska
Green Chilies - New Mexico
Barley and Honey - South Dakota
Wheat - Wyoming

I can only imagine what the flavors are like with that list of ingredients.  But, it gets even more interesting when you look at the blend: 40% ale aged in oak barrels, 40% ale with natural flavors added, 10% ale aged in wine barrels, 5% ale brewed with honey and 5% ale brewed with wild rice.  So, let's try this thing.

The beer pours dark golden and orange in color, and highly carbonated.  There is a very tall, thick and foamy head that is white to off-white in color.  The aroma is honey, floral, fruity, creamy, spicy like the New Mexico green chilies, melon, wine and a bit of jasmine tea.  The taste is a bit more subdued than the aroma, but all the same flavors are there, mixed in an exquisite balance.  The beer drinks creamy, yet carbonated, sweet, yet bitter, hot and spicy, yet delicately fruity and floral, all on a nice hearty grain base.  Another winner from Odell, I think "awesome" is probably the best word for it!

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