Saturday, March 31, 2012

Chatoe Rogue Good Chit Pilsner

Rogue Ales are brewed in Newport, Oregon.  Their Chatoe Rogue line uses an ingredient grown by the brewery itself.  This beer uses Liberty hops, and according to the bottle is "made with Rogue Farm barley that we Floor-Malted in small batches.  Floor Malting is an old fashioned, 8 day process that includes steeping, germination, raking, roasting, bagging and hands on love 24 hours a day. 'Chit' refers to the start of the rootlets that emerge from the embryo of the kernel once steeping is complete and germination begins."

The beer pours a pure yellow golden, with a tall head of foamy white.  The aroma is crisp malted grain, the bitterness and aromatics of fresh grass and flowers, and a nice amount of lager funkiness.  The taste is richly malted grain, it is like drinking the smell of a brewery, with a very grassy and bitter finish, puckeringly dry.  It is well and crisply carbonated, but the large head adds a nice creamy element to the mouthfeel.  This is a quite good American pilsner.

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