Saturday, October 8, 2011

Green Flash Brewing Company Hop Head Red

The Green Flash Brewing Company is in San Diego, California.

This red India Pale Ale is dry-hopped with Amarillo hops and is 7.0% ABV.  The beer pours dark ruby, and brown in color.  It is translucent but not transparent due to its level of darkness.  There is half an inch of creamy and foamy light cappuccino brown head.  The aroma is hop forward; fruity, grapefruit, citrus, and a touch of tropical fruit.  There is a zesty spiciness and roasted and caramel malt are apparent.  The taste is fruity and floral hops perched on a solid roasted, caramel malt base, with a spicy and zesty finish.  It drinks smooth, light, bitter, and dry, but full of flavor.  This is a really nice hoppy red ale.

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