Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lake Superior Brewing Co. - Mesabi Red; Special Ale; Kayak Kolsch Style

This brewery is in Duluth, Minnesota and has been in operation since 1994.

Mesabi Red - Duluth is near the Mesabi Iron Range in northern Minnesota and I assume that is where this beer gets its name.  The beer pours a medium reddish-brown, it is translucent yet bright and has a very slight head.  The aroma is very fruity, I get something like grape and strawberry juice.  After the aroma, the taste is surprising.  It is almost smokey, there is roasted malt, some sweetness and the fruit is there in the background.  It finishes dry and lightly bitter.  This is a very interesting red ale.

Special Ale - This beer pours a light copper in color.  There is a small head, but it is well-carbonated.  The aroma is fresh, clean and fruity (apples, plums, pears) with a slight touch of straw and earth in the background.  The taste is hard to define.  The aroma is mostly light and clean.  The taste is much more full although it remains very drinkable.  The taste is a bit of caramel malt and an immediate grassy, dry, bitterness of hops.  There is a lot more than that going on in the taste, but it all merges and is hard to pull apart.  The fruitiness in the aroma does show up in the aftertaste.  This is a unique and very drinkable beer, hard to categorize.  It seems to combine elements of a cream ale, golden ale, English bitter, with a very dry finish.  You could definitely use this as a session beer.  This won a silver medal at the World Beer Championships in 2002, and it is easy to see why.

Kayak Kolsch Style - This beer pours pure bright golden, well-carbonated, and with a massive pillowy head of white foam that leaves light lacing.  The aroma is sweet, touch of honey, bready, with some fruit both sweet and tart, a bit like a dried apricot.  The taste is sweet, honey, fruit and the white inside of soft warm french bread.  There is a touch of yeast.  The carbonation bites the tongue nicely.  A person could drink this all summer.

This is a picture you will find on the Lake Superior website, and damn I love this picture:

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