Thursday, July 20, 2017

Small Town Brewery Not Your Father's Mountain Ale

This is a 5.0% ABV citrus brew. It is from the Small Town Brewery of LaCrosse, Wisconsin. They make alco-pops, and you can tell this one is their alcoholic Mountain Dew.

The drink pours a neon greenish-yellow. It is as much Hi-C Ecto Cooler as Mountain Dew. The aroma is sweet, citrus, a bit more Squirt and Mellow Yellow than Dew, with light industrial alcohol. The taste follows the aromas directly. It is very sweet, but somehow the finish is thirst inducing dry. This is way too sweet for me. This needs: one bottle of this, one or two shots of vodka or gin, half of a diet Mt. Dew, all mixed over ice, with a squeeze of fresh lime. Then maybe it would be better.  

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